Hey friends!  Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web!  Our goal is to elevate the everyday happenings in the High Country and highlight hidden gems for your enjoyment.  

This adventure is a labor of love. As moms, we had a desire to keep summer boredom at bay and keep our sanity with our kids in the absence of routine.  So, in May 2016, we collaborated to publish an informal summer guide for our local moms group, followed by a fall/winter guide, and another summer guide in 2017.  These were met with such success that we decided to expand this venture to include not only activities and events for the summer but for every season.  We also decided to expand our audience to the greater community, including families, friends and visitors to the High Country.  

In 2018, we launched Four Seasons Everyday.  We hope you enjoy exploring the website and discovering new ways to elevate your everyday!

December 2017…the launch of Four Seasons Boone!

December 2017…the launch of Four Seasons Boone!


Meet Amanda

Growing up in the High Country is a unique experience and one that I appreciate much more now that my husband and I are raising our kids in my hometown. I love how this is literally the “coolest” place to visit in the summer and I only have to walk outside my front door to see the mountains during each beautiful season. We wanted to bring our love for the area and all it has to offer to Four Seasons Everyday and I hope you are able to elevate your everyday experiences in my beautiful hometown.


Meet Brittnee

I feel so blessed to call the High Country home! When Jason and I first moved here in 2004 (me for the first time and him returning as an alum of App State), we used to joke that we felt like we were always on vacation. There’s no better place to live and raise a family, and I love introducing new people to all my local favorites! We remind our girls never to take for granted the beauty that surrounds them everyday. After spending almost two decades in the corporate and not-for-profit world, I’m now enjoying staying home with my girls and having the opportunity to “elevate the everyday” with so many gems around the High Country. I hope Four Seasons Everyday will help you and your family do the same!